Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why a Blog??

Well, that's just the way it's all turned out.. Basically, just as a bit of a little challenge to myself, I decided to see how long I, a relatively normal ..ahem... young, modern individual, and a member of the internet generation, could last without those two vital pillars of life for my age group, namely being the two corporate behemoths called Myspace and MSN.

So far, since the 17th of September, when I left for university in High Wycombe, (I'll save this prickly topic for a future post) I've only given into the lure of MSN once, and Myspace is only peeked at when I'm told via email I've got a new message/someone I don't know wants to "add" me, purely as I don't want to appear like a ungrateful, rude git.. well any more so then usual.. ;)

To be honest, I can't even understand all the fuss surrounding these two evils anymore, this may be me growing up, or that i'm becoming old before my time and middle age is calling, or most likely, this is just one of those weird student phases where you reject technology or join the communist society.

So, a blog would be the best way to for people to know what I'm up to, if that's really what you want to do (apparently it is, with this blogging lark being a right old popular thing to do at the moment).. Until I can be bothered again with this instant messaging crap or a certain "social networking" site, that seems to be the no.1 underage girl pick-up site at the current moment...

Oh yes, a touch of humor into this post, I was in Mr Tesco's early this evening, and was strolling down the aisle, swinging my basket in one hand, humming along to Depeche Mode, (Another phase I think..) Anyways, there I was, then suddenly the basket caught a price tag sticking out from a shelf, which promptly decided to attach itself to the basket along with the whole shelf it was stuck to, causing the whole thing to pull out and collapse.. Shit.. Even worse, it was the canned food aisle, so I managed to make a whole Tesco freeze and stare in my direction, and all I could manage as a reply, while cans rolled around at my feet, was... "Oops!".. I was borderline drop my basket and leg it, but, unfortunately, I might need to use that supermarket again, so I did the decent thing, and let the staff clean up the mess for me..

Until next time, ta raa all.....


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