Friday, November 10, 2006

I went home today...

Well... To my OLD home, I went back to the little, mundane commuter town of Wokingham. In a way, I wish I didn't now, as in my mind until today, Wokingham remained in it's own innocent mid-nineties timewarp, which has now been brutally shattered. It remained a distant and pleasant reminder of a better time, one without overpriced trendy coffee outlets, mobile phone shops, and the even more incessant crawl of the generic chain stores..

Walking around, mouth gawping open at all the changes as my own little cultivated Wokingham world fell apart, and these were some of the things that hit me:

When the hell did a Hilton hotel open here?

Why's Tesco become an Argos?

Is there a town in this country without a bloody Subway?

Well, this all might be terminally boring reading for you, but oh well, it's my blog isn't it? ;)

After all these thrills, I went to Slough.. Rock on.. I was expecting the worst, based on what's been said about the place, and John Betjeman's infamous plea to god for the place to be bombed, but, I was quite mildly surprised. Yes, there might be no trees, the roads are a death trap to pedestrians, the centre is connected by a dark, dank maze of underpasses, and in all the whole place is about as friendly as having your legs hacked off.. But I like the place. It has the biggest Tesco in the UK, (which I was late kicked out of, for taking pictures) and boasts one of the most malined and controversial structures in the country, the Brunel Bus Station. It looks like a bunker, smells like a bunker, and lets light in like a bunker, but I love the thing. I can't explain why, it's just I have a thing for soul-death 50's and 60's public buildings, I just can't get enough of them for some reason..

That's enough from me, I'm off to shoot a black & white assignment tomorrow, in another Thames Valley town.. But I'll leave that for tomorrows post, (if I can be bothered with one)


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