Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Abandoned Motorway..


Barnet.. not the most desirable place in the world, in fact, rather downright mundane. But Barnet has one amazing, redeeming feature, an abandoned section of the M1 Motorway. This particular section used to be the end of the M1, where it merged into the A1. It was closed during the late 1970's, when the M1 was extended for about a mile. However, an IRA bomb at this extension in 1993, meant this abandoned section was cleaned up, refurbished, and temporarily re-opened. The road was closed again straight after the bomb damage was cleared up.

So, since the early nineties, this road has been left for nature to reclaim, and now has a truly erie end of world look to it, which is totally incredible to behold...


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