Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Full Dinner Set...

I'm not very well at the moment, i'm currently lying under a blanket on the sofa, feeling a bit miserable, and piling my face with jam tarts. As a result, I haven't got much to "blog" about..

Apart from one thing...
One of my housemates has a full dinner set. This wouldn't be much of a problem, if he at least tried to wash up after using something. It's bloody annoying walking past in the morning, blearly eyed, and seeing about 16 pieces of cheap, nasty and dirty crockery piling up the sink and every surface in the kitchen. It's a whole lot less bother to have only one cup, plate etc each, and wash them up as you use them.. NOT to have 16 pieces making a fucking mess, and also meaning it'll take ages to wash them all up, when you can finally be bothered..

Argh.. Well, I'll try not to be so negative when I next post, but High Wycombe in the Winter just isn't a lovely, jovial place to be stuck in..

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Abandoned Motorway..


Barnet.. not the most desirable place in the world, in fact, rather downright mundane. But Barnet has one amazing, redeeming feature, an abandoned section of the M1 Motorway. This particular section used to be the end of the M1, where it merged into the A1. It was closed during the late 1970's, when the M1 was extended for about a mile. However, an IRA bomb at this extension in 1993, meant this abandoned section was cleaned up, refurbished, and temporarily re-opened. The road was closed again straight after the bomb damage was cleared up.

So, since the early nineties, this road has been left for nature to reclaim, and now has a truly erie end of world look to it, which is totally incredible to behold...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well, That's A Shocker

Sitting on the big red bus today, rolling though the ghetto of Hazlemere.. (ahem).. a thought suddenly hit me. I've handed all my essays and projects in on time, not even gone anywhere near stepping over a final deadline.. This worried me, seeing as this has NEVER happened during my whole life in merry education. The usual norm is for me to hand in nothing, feign an illness, bury my head in the sand, not turn up for weeks and hope they forget about it/me or a combination of all four..

Fucking hell, something just isn't right with the world at the moment..

Normal service was resumed when I almost fell down the stairs when getting off, and nearly knocked over a small child...

Pah.. oh well.. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Winchester House, pictured soon after completion

Oh yes, the town I went to, for my black and white project was Bracknell. The main reason was to photograph Winchester House, better known as the (ex) 3M building. The way it domitates over the skyline, in all it's derelict and faded glory, is truely awe inspiring..

Friday, November 10, 2006

I went home today...

Well... To my OLD home, I went back to the little, mundane commuter town of Wokingham. In a way, I wish I didn't now, as in my mind until today, Wokingham remained in it's own innocent mid-nineties timewarp, which has now been brutally shattered. It remained a distant and pleasant reminder of a better time, one without overpriced trendy coffee outlets, mobile phone shops, and the even more incessant crawl of the generic chain stores..

Walking around, mouth gawping open at all the changes as my own little cultivated Wokingham world fell apart, and these were some of the things that hit me:

When the hell did a Hilton hotel open here?

Why's Tesco become an Argos?

Is there a town in this country without a bloody Subway?

Well, this all might be terminally boring reading for you, but oh well, it's my blog isn't it? ;)

After all these thrills, I went to Slough.. Rock on.. I was expecting the worst, based on what's been said about the place, and John Betjeman's infamous plea to god for the place to be bombed, but, I was quite mildly surprised. Yes, there might be no trees, the roads are a death trap to pedestrians, the centre is connected by a dark, dank maze of underpasses, and in all the whole place is about as friendly as having your legs hacked off.. But I like the place. It has the biggest Tesco in the UK, (which I was late kicked out of, for taking pictures) and boasts one of the most malined and controversial structures in the country, the Brunel Bus Station. It looks like a bunker, smells like a bunker, and lets light in like a bunker, but I love the thing. I can't explain why, it's just I have a thing for soul-death 50's and 60's public buildings, I just can't get enough of them for some reason..

That's enough from me, I'm off to shoot a black & white assignment tomorrow, in another Thames Valley town.. But I'll leave that for tomorrows post, (if I can be bothered with one)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why a Blog??

Well, that's just the way it's all turned out.. Basically, just as a bit of a little challenge to myself, I decided to see how long I, a relatively normal ..ahem... young, modern individual, and a member of the internet generation, could last without those two vital pillars of life for my age group, namely being the two corporate behemoths called Myspace and MSN.

So far, since the 17th of September, when I left for university in High Wycombe, (I'll save this prickly topic for a future post) I've only given into the lure of MSN once, and Myspace is only peeked at when I'm told via email I've got a new message/someone I don't know wants to "add" me, purely as I don't want to appear like a ungrateful, rude git.. well any more so then usual.. ;)

To be honest, I can't even understand all the fuss surrounding these two evils anymore, this may be me growing up, or that i'm becoming old before my time and middle age is calling, or most likely, this is just one of those weird student phases where you reject technology or join the communist society.

So, a blog would be the best way to for people to know what I'm up to, if that's really what you want to do (apparently it is, with this blogging lark being a right old popular thing to do at the moment).. Until I can be bothered again with this instant messaging crap or a certain "social networking" site, that seems to be the no.1 underage girl pick-up site at the current moment...

Oh yes, a touch of humor into this post, I was in Mr Tesco's early this evening, and was strolling down the aisle, swinging my basket in one hand, humming along to Depeche Mode, (Another phase I think..) Anyways, there I was, then suddenly the basket caught a price tag sticking out from a shelf, which promptly decided to attach itself to the basket along with the whole shelf it was stuck to, causing the whole thing to pull out and collapse.. Shit.. Even worse, it was the canned food aisle, so I managed to make a whole Tesco freeze and stare in my direction, and all I could manage as a reply, while cans rolled around at my feet, was... "Oops!".. I was borderline drop my basket and leg it, but, unfortunately, I might need to use that supermarket again, so I did the decent thing, and let the staff clean up the mess for me..

Until next time, ta raa all.....